It’s Alive

Have you ever been involved or engaged in something that was cancelled? Maybe it was a favorite television show or maybe it was an event that you looked forward to yearly. When you first hear that the event is not taking place or the show will no longer air… man, it is a letdown. BUT, […]

Get in the Game

As the football season kicks off, I can not help but think in terms of sports. Teams are practicing and gearing up for upcoming months of grueling competition where their body takes a beating and the joys and sorrows of wins and losses change from week to week. Fans are excited and then disappointed, only to […]

Leaving a Legacy

Many things are passed down from generation to generation. Our families have the greatest impact on our development. We inherit mannerisms, view points on life, favorite sports teams, and many other traits and preferences from our parents. Sometimes, the things that are learned, mimicked, or passed down are not always positive. My family lineage is […]

It’s Time To Go Organic

When Snyder Memorial Baptist Church conducted the first Inasmuch Day in 1995, no one had any idea what was about to happen. They had no idea that dozens of churches right there in Fayetteville, NC would join them to serve more and more people. They had no idea that churches in surrounding counties would want to be […]

Operation Inasmuch Express

Here at Operation Inasmuch, we spent all of 2020 and the first part of 2021 trying to encourage the Church to not sit idly and forget about the community, our neighbors, that are hurting and still need to be reached for Jesus. It’s difficult! Navigating all of the safety recommendations, the mandates, the multitude of opinions […]

Rebuilding Communities thru Public-Private Partnerships

Partnerships between private agencies, city governments, and churches historically have not gone well. These entities have been kept separate and generally have their own agendas to carry out. But what if these public, private, church collaborations actually worked? What would a town look like? What would communities feel like to live in? Let me take […]

College Students Serving God and Community

For this month’s newsletter we are headed back to college! Carson-Newman University has been using Operation Inasmuch on their campus for nearly 15 years to give their students the opportunity to grow in their faith through service. Operation Inasmuch is a ministry that was founded in a local church by a local church body, but […]

Strengthening Community Missions Through Partnerships

Soon after Operation Inasmuch began in 1995, Baptist Men of North Carolina recognized the potential of this grassroots model of community ministry for churches across the state. At first, they encouraged NC Baptist congregations to consider learning how to conduct their own Inasmuch event by participating in a training experience at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church […]

Collaboration to the Max

On Saturday, August 29 Operation Inasmuch collaborated with a host of other organizations and entities to pack 40,650 nutritious meals which will be distributed over the next few months. David Crocker, Founder of Operation Inasmuch says, “Of all the events we have conducted, this one may be the most collaborative of all.” Inasmuch partnered with […]

Unifying Communities Through Operation Inasmuch

If one church can make a lasting difference in its community through Inasmuch, two or more churches can broaden the impact. Unity is so vital in the church. And I’m not only talking about “little C” churches. The CHURCH is made up of the entire body of Christ. Unity among bodies of believers is so […]

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