Inasmuch Report

The Inasmuch Report is an integral tool for supporting your efforts. For example:

  • Many churches have no idea the impact they have had on their communities until they fill in the report form.
  • Volunteers are able to rejoice in the scope of service God has accomplished through them.
  • Churches can set higher ministry goals for future events.

The Inasmuch Report has other benefits:

  • When we compile statistics, churches are able to see how they are part of a larger movement.
  • God never shunned statistics, but used them throughout the Bible to demonstrate His miracle-working power. The reports let us all see how God continues to work miracles!
  • We use the information to raise funds that offset the ministry cost to Inasmuch churches.

Event Coordinators: Please make copies of the PDF version of this report and provide a copy to each Project Leader prior to the event. Have each Project Leader fill the report in immediately after the event and return it to you. Please compile all the statistics from the Project Leader Reports and enter the totals below.

Report Form

If no date has been set, please list the projected time (i.e.: fall 2021).

Provide the following information for the entire event (all projects totaled).

Average hours worked per volunteer multiplied by number of volunteers. Example: 100 volunteers worked an average of 8 hours each totals 800 hours.
Just put your best guess.
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