Roosevelt’s Story

Two Lives Changed Through an Inasmuch Day

During his church’s Inasmuch Day, Joel Singletary visited Roosevelt Williams. Joel discovered that Mr. Williams had not had running water in his old mobile home for three years and could not stay warm because the home did not have underpinning. The home had also sustained extensive water damage when the pipes burst during the winter cold. On top of that, Mr. Williams suffered from several medical issues including kidney failure so severe that it required dialysis.

Roosevelt Williams’ life started to improve when Singletary’s church “adopted” him in 2009. The church completed several Inasmuch projects at Williams’ home to restore his quality of life. More importantly, a deep relationship developed between Singletary and Williams. Joel visited Roosevelt several times per week, took him shopping, on errands, and to the doctor. Sometimes they just visited. Reflecting on his relationship with Williams, Joel Singletary says:

“So just who is this Roosevelt (Rosie, as we fondly call him)? To some he’s an elderly gentleman who lives in a run-down old trailer in the country. He’s a little rough around the edges. Others know him as a meek but kind man who served as a school custodian years ago. Some recognize a courageous victim of kidney disease who shares his garden vegetables with others around him. But Roosevelt and I have developed a special bond. We are close friends. We share a love for God. We speak often together about how God has worked in our lives, and still does. We share that miracle of God working in our lives. Yes, Roosevelt is my ‘God friend’!”

Roosevelt Williams passed away on February 9, 2011. When he learned about Williams’ death, Singletary said, “I have lost the one person I know God put in my life.”

“I marvel at what amazing things happened when I submitted myself to His will. God sent me to answer Roosevelt’s prayers and I believe others out there need to ‘find their Roosevelt.'”

Joel Singletary