What is Operation Inasmuch?

Operation Inasmuch is a worldwide ministry that comes alongside churches and pastors to equip and motivate them to obey the biblical mandate to minister to the “least of these.” Using the Inasmuch model of compassion ministry, we empower believers to live out their calling to serve others and experience the joy that comes from serving. We encourage pastors who want to see their church connected in their community but don’t have the time or training to do it on their own. We show believers how they can create opportunities to share the gospel by doing the gospel.

Operation Inasmuch is focused on the entire body of Christ and provides tremendous opportunities for people to serve for the first time, families to serve together, and even congregations from multiple denominations to come together to be the hands and feet of Jesus and become the Body of Christ.

Operation Inasmuch has armed churches from many denominations and sizes in three stages:


We deliver training and tools for churches to send a large number of their congregants out to serve those in need through a single day of hands-on ministry projects.


We encourage and equip a group of multi-denominational and multi-racial churches to work together and serve their communities on a single day.


We provide the strategy and training for churches to mobilize many volunteers to serve their neighbors in need on an ongoing basis: through a lifestyle of compassion.

Jesus said in essence, “Inasmuch as you serve the least of these, you serve me.”
Throughout the Bible, God shows His compassion for the sick, the poor, the hungry, orphans, prisoners, and immigrants, in short, anyone in need. Jesus was the Great Samaritan who laid down His life to reach us, His neighbors in deep spiritual need. And He commands the church to follow His example.