Is Compassion Ministry in Your Evangelism Toolbox?

A passage I go to a lot when I speak with a group or even sometimes during an Inasmuch training with a church or association of churches is Luke 4. There in verses 16 – 20, Jesus is in his hometown synagogue, stands up, and begins teaching. He was reading from the book of Isaiah, […]

Legacy of Love

Ever thought about your legacy? Maybe you have at one point or another. Legacy is defined as “something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past.” So, what about your legacy? I think we all leave behind a legacy. It could be to just one other person, or it could be […]

Is This Your Church?

First of all, Happy New Year to you and your family! Prayers that God will bless you immensely during the 2024 year.  I wanted to start off the New Year with something I hope you will be challenged by and maybe will share with other church leaders and church folks you may know.    Jesus […]

For God’s Glory: The Power of Seeing and Going

Merry Christmas from all of the staff and board of directors at Operation Inasmuch! It has been a fast-paced, quick-moving year for us and we are looking forward to slowing down and spending some quality time with family. We are also looking forward to worshipping and celebrating Jesus during this Christmas season. We pray this […]

Movement Mortgage Packs Over 70,000 Meals

What do a nonprofit with two full-time staff and a mortgage company with over 4,000 employees have in common? A desire to serve people and impact lives! We teamed up with Movement Mortgage to do just that – create service opportunities and feed hungry people. Our Board Member Cindy Bush, Divisional Marketing Leader at Movement […]

2023 Compassionary of the Year

As you might imagine, countless stories and life-changing moments have been shared with the staff of Operation Inasmuch over its 28-year history. We have gotten to know and meet some remarkable people from many different communities and walks of life who have not only served but have devoted their lives to showing compassion to others.  […]

Compassion in a Box

Here at Operation Inasmuch, we talk a lot about compassion. Our vision is for a movement of compassion to sweep across our country and our world. We feel like this can and should start in the church, and we, as a ministry, want to help with this movement of compassion in any way possible. Compassion […]

A “Little Hot Dog Supper” Makes a Big Difference

Serving others is difficult. Let’s just be upfront about that. If it weren’t, the vast majority of churchgoers would be doing it more regularly. But, it is, and unfortunately, they are not. Most churches fall into the old but proven adage that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. And we hear too […]

Soup it Forward with Inasmuch

It seems like every day is a day to celebrate something. We have all heard “Today is National Hug Your Dog Day” or “Wash Your Car Day” on the radio or social media. Every day of the year has been set up to celebrate multiple things, and there are some outlandish and wild things we […]

New Year, New Passions

Happy New Year to each of you! We are thankful for a new year and a new opportunity in 2023 to serve the Lord.  Romans 12:11 encourages believers to “never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Let’s be honest; we all hit low moments, days, or weeks where the […]

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