Compassion in a Box

Here at Operation Inasmuch, we talk a lot about compassion. Our vision is for a movement of compassion to sweep across our country and our world. We feel like this can and should start in the church, and we, as a ministry, want to help with this movement of compassion in any way possible. Compassion […]

A “Little Hot Dog Supper” Makes a Big Difference

Serving others is difficult. Let’s just be upfront about that. If it weren’t, the vast majority of churchgoers would be doing it more regularly. But, it is, and unfortunately, they are not. Most churches fall into the old but proven adage that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. And we hear too […]

Soup it Forward with Inasmuch

It seems like every day is a day to celebrate something. We have all heard on the radio or social media, “Today is National Hug your Dog Day” or “…Wash your Car Day”. Every day of the year has been set up to celebrate multiple things, and there are some outlandish and wild things we […]

New Year, New Passions

Happy New Year to each of you! We are thankful for a new year and a new opportunity in 2023 to serve the Lord.  Romans 12:11 encourages believers to “never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Let’s be honest; we all hit low moments, days, or weeks where the […]

Have Yourself a Very Mercy Christmas

And just like that, 2022 is a wrap. I feel like I was just sitting here writing a similar newsletter summarizing and reflecting about 2021.  At Operation Inasmuch, we use the term “compassion ministry” A LOT. Compassion ministry is about doing rather than just saying. It’s about having compassion for a person, a family, or […]

2022 Compassionary of the Year

wayne and david

It is one of the true joys of this ministry when we hear the stories of compassion that come from an Inasmuch Day or just a person serving someone else. Stories of lives being changed because they served for the first time or someone who was confined to their home because they were wheelchair bound […]

Hope In Action

Sometimes it only takes a pair of underwear and socks to bring hope into someone’s life. This was the case for a young man named Michael living in a halfway house. On Saturday, August 20th, I was honored to serve on a project where volunteers packed 62 Blessing Baskets for men in local halfway houses […]

Baby Steps

I recently read a story about a man who lost one of his dearest friends. Their relationship was not your typical friendship, primarily because of how they met and became closer through the years. One of the men worked in an airport at a busy security checkpoint. He was an older, smaller gentleman that stood […]

Inasmuch Sends 277K Meals to Ukraine

June 11, 2022, is a day to remember for the Inasmuch ministry. On that date, Inasmuch conducted a food packing event in Knoxville when 277,000+ meals were packed and shipped to war-torn Ukraine. It was by far the largest such event Inasmuch has ever done. David Crocker, Founder of Inasmuch, said: “Everyone is moved by […]

Serendipity in Inasmuch

Serendipity moments are special—unexpected, gratifying times that put a big smile on our face that sticks for a while.  Such a moment occurred a few weeks ago as my wife and I were attending the North Carolina Baptist Missions Conference in Winston-Salem. We made our way into the huge sanctuary of the host church for […]

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