The Compassionaries Blog was created to inspire church leaders to remember their passion for and to think more deeply about compassion ministry. It is meant to cultivate greater interest in compassion ministry as a priority of the local church with the realistic potential of using the Inasmuch model in readers’ churches.


One Sentence Sermon

Really?! A whole sermon in one sentence? How can that be? It can . . . and is. What’s more, it’s just the kind of sermon a lot of listeners of sermons have yearned for—one sentence instead of several pages of theological rambling or ethical pronouncements or long-winded, homiletical speech. But it’s not what you […]

Compassionary Church

When I hear good stories of churches fulfilling Christ’s instructions to be compassionate, I want to share them as an encouragement for other churches to follow suit. The story below is such a story, taking place literally half a mile from the Inasmuch office. My source is the July 14 issue of The Call, the […]

The Working Poor

I volunteer at a local benevolent organization because I think it’s important to practice what I preach. I work with people who come to the organization asking for food, help with utilities or rent, or information where they can get help for any number of needs. I am constantly amazed at the trying circumstances in […]

Can You Make A Difference?

You’re watching your favorite TV show when a commercial for world hunger comes on. Images of badly malnourished children appear on the screen . . . one after another after another. You are moved by these pictures and feel sadness, sympathy, and maybe compassion. You see and hear the appeal to give to an organization […]

You Can Learn How to Be Compassionate

I have been captivated for a week by a new book—Wonder Drug: 7 Scientifically Proven Ways That Serving Others Is the Best Medicine for Yourself by 2 doctors—Dr. Stephen Trzeciak and Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli. The book’s subtitle is a strong clue to its fascination for me, but it can be for you, too. Mazzarelli and […]

The Truth About Church Folk Serving Others

There is a common misconception that churches do a good job of serving people in need. That may be due to the fact that the news often reports churches responding to disasters or conducting high-profile compassion ministry events. But the fact is that a small percentage of believers are personally engaged in these ministries. Churches, […]

Business Doing Good

Several years ago, I heard something I have never forgotten (indirectly) from a minister friend I respect a great deal. He said something to the effect that he was in the process of shifting his hope for impact for good from the church to business. At the time, I heard that comment as one person’s […]

Why Should We Help People Who Won’t Help Themselves

I love this story. Fred Craddock, a venerable and popular Methodist preacher of the recent past told a story from his seminary pastorate. The church had an Emergency Fund of about $100 (this dates back several decades). Church leaders told him that, as pastor, he could use the money to help people in need at […]

On the Way Serving

I was talking to another minister the other day when he told me about hearing a speaker recently talk about serving others “on the way.” (I don’t remember the speaker’s name, so if any of you recognize this and are bothered that I am not giving credit here, that’s why.) My friend said the speaker […]

Gen Z is into Serving Others

I often get the question as to whether Gen Z is as willing to serve people in need as older generations. My response is Yes, they are . . . but maybe not exactly like my generation—Boomers. The question about Gen Z comes from the suspicion that younger folk are more self-centered and, therefore, less […]

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