The Compassionaries Blog was created to inspire church leaders to remember their passion for and to think more deeply about compassion ministry. It is meant to cultivate greater interest in compassion ministry as a priority of the local church with the realistic potential of using the Inasmuch model in readers’ churches.


Sixth Sense Serving

I serve at a local benevolent ministry. I work with the people who come there needing food, clothing, help with their rent or utility bills, and so forth to get their information regarding their needs and their resources. Yesterday I worked with a homeless man who asked for food. It was his first time coming […]

Serving Others in Disciple-Making

A pastor friend told me about attending a conference for church leaders about the latest trends in leading a church these days. He specifically chose a breakout session led by a well-known pastor of a very large congregation. During the leader’s presentation, he revealed a recent decision by himself and other leaders to discontinue their […]

The Nations Are Living Next Door

About half a million refugees have resettled across America over the past ten years. Some of our refugee neighbors are family in Christ who have endured persecution. Others do not know God, and the hardship they’ve endured – unspeakable as it is – pales in comparison to their eternal future if they remain separated from […]

Anyone Can Serve Others

In Compassionaries: Unleash the Power of Serving I say anyone can serve. That may be obvious to some, but you can be sure others disagree. They claim they cannot serve. They are of advanced age, or they are disabled and, therefore, of limited ability. They don’t know how/where to plug in. (I won’t get into […]

Old Story That is Still Relevant

Have you ever wondered what the family and friends of the disciples thought about their loved ones following Jesus, walking away from their fishing nets, tax tables, and other professions to tag along behind an unproven teacher? The Gospels do not provide much information; it wasn’t important when they were written. Perhaps these family members […]

Volunteering or Serving?

April is National Volunteer Month . . . which means some non-profits are honoring their volunteers, and some people are stepping out of the stands and onto the field of serving for the first time. Or, to use another metaphor, some are dabbing their toes into the pool of service to see if they like […]

Compassionaries, the Book

Have you ever thought about writing a book? If not, don’t . . . unless you want to put yourself through the wringer. It’s a long, arduous process. If you have, it’s probably because you want people to know about one or more of your life experiences from which they might benefit. Or, and this […]

Give Up or Take Up

I am learning there are lots of good pieces out there in “blogosphere.” Naturally, as one who writes a blog every other week and occasionally wonders where the inspiration will come from this week, this is an exciting discovery. Lo and behold, others are blogging good stuff, too. (Humility is not my best trait.) My […]

Serving Others is a Big Rock

Years ago Stephen Covey gave a parable about priorities that is known far and wide. A professor set a wide-mouth quart jar on his desk along with several fist-sized rocks. He carefully put as many of the rocks into the jar as he could. He asked his class “Is the jar full?” They all said […]

Put a Dent in the Universe

So said Steve Jobs. This was his way of saying “Make a difference in the world.” He did. With his development of the Apple collection of communication/computing devices, Jobs put a sizable dent in the universe; in fact, he changed the world. I don’t know how soon he realized that, but there is no doubt […]

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