St. James Church

A church turns its focus outward

Nathan Rice, pastor of St. James Lutheran Church in Lexington, SC, attended an Operation Inasmuch training in 2008 to learn how he could help his church obey Jesus’ call to take care of the needy in their community. The results have transformed St. James!

After the training, the church put on its first Inasmuch Day. Nearly 135 people participated in projects around the Lexington area including:

  • Food preparation and delivery.
  • Construction of a retaining wall in a local park.
  • Installation of smoke detectors in low-income housing.
  • Creating LifeBook scrapbooks for foster children that help them record their memories.
  • Replacing front porch steps in a home.

Some team members built a wheelchair ramp for one woman whose home also required a great deal of repair. The team went to work on the repairs as well as necessary plumbing and electrical work. As a consequence, the grateful woman and church members started a relationship that has continued!

St. James still conducts Inasmuch Days each year and the outreach to the community has changed the church in remarkable ways. Church members say that Operation Inasmuch was a big catalyst in helping them become outwardly focused. They saw needs close by that they didn’t know existed. They realized that they were able to help other people. And today, their neighbors consider St. James Lutheran Church the place to go when they need help.

“Because of Operation Inasmuch our church has really been on fire with helping people in our community.”

Lisa Curtis, Member
St. James Lutheran Church