Inasmuch Day

Operation Inasmuch trains and equips churches to hold a single service day each year in which 50-75% of those attending Sunday services volunteer to serve the “least of these” in their communities.

It’s one great day of ministry by a church to its neighbors in need: one church; one day.

Volunteers serve in a variety of projects on an Inasmuch Day such as:

  • Installing smoke alarms in low-income housing,
  • Building wheelchair ramps in the homes of disabled persons,
  • Holding a free Car Clinic — simple diagnostics and advice — for single mothers and seniors,
  • Assembling and delivering buy flomax hygiene kits to local homeless shelters, and
  • Providing vaccinations and health screenings in neighborhoods where these services are not available.

A Fayetteville, NC, church held the first Inasmuch Day in 1995. Since then, more than 2,100 churches in 25 states have conducted a one-day service event, and continue to hold these events year after year.

An Inasmuch Day clearly serves each church’s community, but it also changes the lives of parishioners, giving many a passion for community service and, in fact, revitalizing whole congregations.

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