Inasmuch Day

Operation Inasmuch trains and equips churches to hold a single service day each year in which 50-75% of those attending Sunday services volunteer to serve the “least of these” in their communities.

It’s one great day of ministry by a church to its neighbors in need: one church; one day.

Volunteers serve in a variety of projects on an Inasmuch Day such as:

  • Installing smoke alarms in low-income housing,
  • Building wheelchair ramps in the homes of disabled persons,
  • Holding a free Car Clinic — simple diagnostics and advice — for single mothers and seniors,
  • Assembling and delivering buy flomax hygiene kits to local homeless shelters, and
  • Providing vaccinations and health screenings in neighborhoods where these services are not available.

A Fayetteville, NC, church held the first Inasmuch Day in 1995. Since then, more than 2,300 churches in 24 states have conducted a one-day service event, and continue to hold these events year after year.

“To try to explain how Inasmuch affected my life is completely impossible. I have been on several youth mission trips and done other work in the community with various mission teams, however, my Inasmuch experiences left an impression on my life unlike any other.”

Sue Byrd
Fayetteville, NC

An Inasmuch Day clearly serves each church’s community, but it also changes the lives of parishioners, giving many a passion for community service and, in fact, revitalizing whole congregations.

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