It’s Alive

Have you ever been involved or engaged in something that was cancelled? Maybe it was a favorite television show or maybe it was an event that you looked forward to yearly. When you first hear that the event is not taking place or the show will no longer air… man, it is a letdown. BUT, sometimes it comes back. They remake the show or bring back the event and you are flooded with excitement once again. 

Well, that just happened in Knoxville. In fact, something better After a 5-year absence, Inasmuch United Knoxville once again took place. That’s right, IT’S ALIVE. And let me just say, it was a fantastic day in the Lord. 

Just a few weeks ago, on August 28th, churches from all across Knoxville joined together to show compassion to East Tennessee. There were 22 total churches and several other faith-based nonprofits involved in 34 projects across Knox County. It was a beautiful picture of heaven seeing different races of people from 7 denominations all united with one focus… to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Over 60,000 people in Knox County were impacted by what took place on that Saturday. That is way more exciting than some old television program coming back on television! 

Now, let’s talk about the WHY? And why events like these, acts of compassion like these, are crucial RIGHT NOW! In difficult times and difficult moments, either in the world or simply in our own lives, there is a temptation to turn inward. We prepare for the worst-case scenario and we try and take care of ourselves, letting everyone else take care of themselves. I am not sure that is God’s way. Outside of remaining calm, our response to these hard times should be to show compassion to others. Spend less time looking in the mirror and seeing our problems exaggerated and spend more time trying to see the world as Jesus sees the world. 

The way to become more like Jesus is to do exactly what Jesus did. 1 John 4:18 tells us that “there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” The more we love people and show compassion for them, as Jesus did, the less we will feel fear.    

I was so proud of the people that stepped up to be part of Inasmuch United Knoxville. Almost 700 folks stepped outside the walls of their church to meet real needs in our county. Cars were fixed, laundry was washed, meals were served, flowers were planted, hats, scarves, and lap-robes were knitted, wheelchair ramps were constructed, walls were painted, and the gospel was shared to hundreds and thousands of people. Authenticity, love, and compassion was shared to the least of these.

So, is compassion ministry ALIVE in your church? In your community? If it is, keep it going! Join with other believers and make an even greater impact where you live. If it’s not, we would sure love to help point you in the right direction! For more information about Operation Inasmuch, please contact us. 

Written by:
Gene Whaley

Ministry Director

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