Inasmuch Life is Coming to Life!

Operation Inasmuch is moving in new directions. If you’ve visited the new web site or read recent eNewsletters, you know that we are piloting our new Inasmuch Life process by which churches can help more of their people enter lifestyles of compassion ministry, serving the neediest in their communities on an ongoing basis. For many years, Operation Inasmuch has […]

Operation Inasmuch Feeds 50,000

We didn’t start out with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, BUT we did feed 50,000 people! How? Operation Inasmuch, Kids Against Hunger (the local affiliate: A Child’s Hope), and the North American Christian Convention (NACC) co-hosted a service project at the recent NACC conference in Cincinnati.  In four 1-hour shifts, about 250 men, women, and children […]

The Hard Truth

A revolution is a movement — usually a radical and exciting movement — to change something: the government, one or more leaders as we have seen in the “Arab spring,” or longstanding cultural traditions such as the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. a few decades ago. A revolution always includes the proclamation of the […]

How to Change a Homeless Man’s Life (Part 2)

I recently read Same Kind of Different as Me, a true story that chronicles the lives of two improbable friends – art dealer Ron Hall and homeless Denver Moore. The book touched me in many ways while also teaching me several lessons about how to serve our neighbors in need. A couple of weeks ago, […]

Fall 2011 Training and Workshops

The following Inasmuch Life Workshop and Inasmuch United Training activities are scheduled for September and October. Contact us for more information or to schedule your own workshops or training. September 18 Workshop on Inasmuch Life First Baptist Church Rome, GA 706-291-6850 September 24 Regional Inasmuch United Training for North Carolina Statewide 2012 event Trinity Baptist Church Raleigh, NC 919-787-3740 First Baptist Church Wadesboro, NC 704-694-9365 […]

What’s in It for Me?

A pastor recently preached on the topic of compassion ministry. He knew that he faced the often unspoken — but real — question many ask when they are challenged to give themselves in ministry to people in need: What’s in it for me? Our society has become so consumer-oriented that this question surfaces whenever we […]

How to Change a Homeless Man’s Life

What does it take to transform the life of a homeless man? I didn’t read Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore to answer that question, but it’s one lesson I learned from this amazing book, a book I could not put down, a book that had me laughing one minute and crying the […]

Pastors Say What’s Important

Do you ever wonder what pastors worry about? What they think is important? The Columbia Partnership (TCP, an Inasmuch ministry partner – visit hopes to help us learn what pastors are concerned about. TCP is conducting a series of surveys of pastors and church staff to identify the most important issues they face. The first […]

What’s in this Web Site?

Our last eNewsletter told you about our new names and warned you about our new site. Well, this IS the new web site and it has been open to visitors for just a few weeks. If you forget we are now at, you can get there from the old location, too ( Yep, we […]

New Office and New Phone

We’ve experienced a lot of change recently, including our move to a new location. We sadly left an awesome situation where we shared an office with wonderful friends. But we moved to a great location, too – very near some of Knoxville’s areas of need (and not far from downtown). We love the extra space […]

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