What’s in It for Me?

A pastor recently preached on the topic of compassion ministry.

He knew that he faced the often unspoken — but real — question many ask when they are challenged to give themselves in ministry to people in need:

What’s in it for me?

Our society has become so consumer-oriented that this question surfaces whenever we are asked to give—money, time, or self.

So the pastor did not duck the question, but answered it truthfully.

He said “Here’s what’s in it for you:”

  • Community—churches and individual believers serve together, cultivating community
  • Gratitude—your sense of gratitude is renewed—gratitude for the opportunity to serve
  • Purpose—you realize they are are making a difference in someone’s life
  • Spiritual growth—you know you are right where God wants you to be.

How can you answer the question: What’s in it for me?

Perhaps you can rephrase it: How has God helped me become the person He wants me to be through compassion ministry?

Some suggest that it’s wrong question to ask “What’s in it for me?” before getting involved in compassion ministry.

Instead of trying to avoid the question, why not face it head-on by answering with the positive outcomes that indeed come to us whenever we are the hands and feet of Jesus?

There IS something in it for us, and thanks be to God for that!

David Crocker, Executive Director

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