Inasmuch Life is Coming to Life!

Operation Inasmuch is moving in new directions. If you’ve visited the new web site or read recent eNewsletters, you know that we are piloting our new Inasmuch Life process by which churches can help more of their people enter lifestyles of compassion ministry, serving the neediest in their communities on an ongoing basis.

For many years, Operation Inasmuch has equipped churches to send their congregations out to volunteer on a single day of community service projects. In many cases, an Inasmuch Day project led to an ongoing ministry (for examples, see the Parkridge Harbor and Roosevelt’s Story videos on the website). Moreover, Dr. Crocker’s book The Samaritan Way has inspired many to enter into lifestyles of compassion ministry.

But sometimes it helps to have a plan. And that’s what we are piloting: a process by which churches can mobilize many in their congregations to serve the needy in their communities more deeply and effectively.

So far, so good! Our first Inasmuch Life pilot is well underway. Over 150 volunteers from our pilot church of 1000 stepped up to move out and serve. Most of these people had never served in a compassion ministry! Already many are engaged in a local ministry or agency, while others are still finding the right fit, and still others are going through an application process. We are thrilled that volunteers are starting at least three new mercy ministries in the church, as well.

The Senior Pastor of the first pilot church said, “This initiative has truly been an answer to my prayers for our church.” We can only thank God for answering our prayers, too, and making the first Inasmuch Life pilot a success – and a great learning vehicle! We have already modified much of the process from this first experience and will use this feedback in our next two pilots, both of which are underway.

If you are a donor to Operation Inasmuch, Inc., we want to especially thank you. We are spending a great deal of time and resources developing Inasmuch Life and have charged no fee to the pilot churches involved: your investment has made this new venture possible and is having an impact on many lives!

From August, 2011 eNewsletter


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