Happy Birthday, Operation Inasmuch!

Operation Inasmuch – the national nonprofit  – turns 5 years old this month!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INASMUCH!!  As the song says, “We’ve only just begun!”  The “stars are lining up” for a spectacular 2012, the best year yet.

The ministry also had a great 2011! We had difficulties, but we also made some encouraging strides. Here’s a summary of how God blessed the ministry and the Compassion Revolution movement last year:

  • We have a new hire, new branding, a new web site, and a new office!
  • Three churches started to pilot our new Inasmuch Life process that helps churches mobilize congregants into lifestyles of compassion ministry
  • 100 newly trained churches hosted an Inasmuch Day or joined an Inasmuch United
  • 405 churches reported on their Inasmuch events and the results are awesome:

–     116,000 people in need served by

–     22,000 volunteers through

–     1,600 projects with

–     $3M of volunteer labor and materials invested in communities of 21 states!

  • Groups of churches gathered to serve together in 18 Inasmuch United events

We look forward to continuing this momentum in 2012! Our plans and goals include:

  • 400 churches hosting an Inasmuch Day or joining an Inasmuch United for the first time
  • 10 “early adopter” churches trained in the Inasmuch Life process
  • 30 Inasmuch United events (12 new!)
  • Introducing new resource materials including an Inasmuch United Guide and a book of Children’s Projects for an Inasmuch event

Watch and pray that the Father will continue to use Operation Inasmuch to build His kingdom, that the Compassion Revolution will move forward boldly as significantly more believers and congregations embrace Jesus’ call to be his hands and feet for people in need everywhere.

— David Crocker, January 2012

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