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Google or search YouTube for “Inasmuch” and you’ll see an amazing number of hits and videos. But the results are confusing. When people use the name Operation Inasmuch, they may refer to an organization (that’s us!) or a day (that’s what we equip churches to do!).

On top of that, the day and the organization have also been called In As Much, InAsMuch, OIAM, Inasmuch day, Inasmuch event, Inasmuch blitz, Serving [City] As One. And searches on those names will yield several different logos, too!

Those not familiar with Operation Inasmuch wonder if all these organizations found in an Internet search are related. And if so, how? And it is sometimes difficult to explain to potential churches and donors who we are and what we do!

Moreover, Operation Inasmuch (the organization) decided last summer to create a new program which will help churches guide more congregants into lifestyles of compassion ministry – beyond a single day a year. What would we call that program? Well, as long as we were naming one thing, we decided to try and clarify the other names, settling on the following:

Operation Inasmuch The national organization as well as the compassion movement of which we are all a part – an operation of the Spirit to send more and more people from the church out to serve in their communities (which leads to our new tag line: A Compassion Revolution).

Inasmuch Day A single day of community service carried out by one church

Inasmuch United A single day of service with many churches working together

Inasmuch Life The new lifestyle compassion program

We don’t like change anymore than you do – especially after having to transition to our nifty new logo. But we think it’s time to adjust our nomenclature to avoid confusion and to help advance a movement of compassion. We hope you’ll join us! (Towards that end, we will have logo kits and a brand/style guide ready later this summer…)

From June, 2011 Newsletter

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