Inamuch Unites Churches and Races

Something extraordinary happened in Lowndes County, Alabama, one of the poorest counties in the state, where many traditional prejudices are alive and well. A dozen churches of various denominations and races conducted their first Inasmuch United. One person called this reconciling event “ground-breaking.”

The idea that churches would work together was unheard of in the county – before the Inasmuch United.  Certainly white churches did not work with black congregations.  “Even the black churches didn’t work together!” says Rev. Sylvester Hardey, Pastor of Jonathan’s House of Prayer.

Church people responded to the idea of collaborating with more than a little skepticism.  One man openly objected to being involved….  However, the man later relented, volunteered for the October 22nd event, and is now a major advocate for continued collaboration!

During this Inasmuch United, a hundred volunteers from 6 churches conducted 15 home repair projects throughout the community.  For one of these projects, volunteers restored water service to a local resident who had been without running water for 15 years.  The volunteers also underpinned the man’s trailer and made more repairs.  Needless to say, this man’s quality of life has improved exponentially!

Rev. Darrell Paulk, Pastor of Hayneville Baptist Church said, “We had been talking for some time about how we could do something, when Lisa Rose, Church and Community Minister in the nearby Montgomery Baptist Association, came to us with the concept of an Inasmuch United.  Rev. Steve Stephens said, “Inasmuch gave us a structure to do what we had envisioned but had not been able to get done.”

“People are already talking about the next Inasmuch event in Lowndes County,” said one leader.  David Crocker recently met with the Inasmuch United leaders to explore ways to expand their efforts and perhaps replicate their experience throughout the state of Alabama.

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