Collaboration to the Max

Volunteers from 23 different countries were represented!

On Saturday, August 29 Operation Inasmuch collaborated with a host of other organizations and entities to pack 40,650 nutritious meals which will be distributed over the next few months. David Crocker, Founder of Operation Inasmuch says, “Of all the events we have conducted, this one may be the most collaborative of all.”

Inasmuch partnered with Knoxville Internationals Network to conduct the event. Funding was secured through two local foundations — Y12 Federal Credit Union and the Robert L. Weiss Foundation. Woodlawn Christian Church in Knoxville hosted the event as well as providing some of their members as volunteers. Volunteers also came from several other churches in the community. Churches represented along with Woodlawn Christian Church included Eden Chapel, Calvary Baptist Church, Arabic Christian Church, Bridge Church, Corryton Church, His Grace (African) Christian Church, Russian Christian Church, and Central Baptist Church in Bearden. Food was packed and distributed to six local food pantries for them to share throughout the community. The best part of the packing event was the participation of volunteers from 23 nations working together to serve others – truly a “Collaboration to the Max.”

Sometimes it is said that churches are like silos – staying to themselves and doing their own thing. This may be to their detriment when collaborating with other congregations would greatly enhance their impact. Crocker says, “We promote collaboration among churches every chance we get — across denominational, racial, and socio-economic lines. When churches are willing to participate, we stand ready and willing to make this happen.”

One volunteer from Iraq who participated in the event was heard to say, “In my country many churches fight among each other. It’s different in America.” Gene Whaley, Executive Director of Inasmuch, said of the event, “It was a little taste of heaven.”

What makes this event even more amazing is that it took place during one of the most divisive periods in American history. “We need to see more examples of unity,” says Crocker. “The world needs to be reminded how much good can come from people working together for a common cause. We at Inasmuch are extremely grateful that God is providing opportunities for us to point the way. To Him be the glory!”

Click here to view pictures from this event. Check out coverage of the event from a local news station here.

Written by:
David Crocker

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