Inasmuch Feeds Orphans

Volunteers from Central Baptist of Bearden in Knoxville packing meals.

For the third time in four years, Operation Inasmuch has sent thousands of meals to Guatemala… this time to feed orphans in as many as 50 orphanages.  In two food packing events in Knoxville, Tennessee 100,000 meals were prepared by about 450 volunteers.  This month these meals were shipped to Guatemala and will be distributed by Orphans Resources to children in 50 orphanages.  Visit our Facebook page to view pictures from the events.

Rod Martin, President of Orphans Resources says: “I would like to thank Operation Inasmuch and all their supporters who put this food together.  It will go to 50+ orphanages in Guatemala Central America and feed 2700 orphans.  The homes tell us many times that they could not exist without the donations of food products.  May God bless you richly for caring for the orphans as God has directed his people to do so many times in the Bible.”

Food packing projects have been an auxiliary ministry within the larger Inasmuch ministry since 2013.  David Crocker, Founder of the Inasmuch ministry and coordinator of the packing projects says: “When we got into the packing ‘business’ we really didn’t know what to expect.  We knew it fit who we are and what we do in terms of our mission, but we weren’t sure how it would go.  Well, here we are several years and about three quarters of a million meals later no longer wondering about it!”

“In our first year, we packed more than 300,000 meals,” says Crocker.  “The next year we did about the same.  And this year we have done 140,000 meals and expect to exceed 250,000 by year end.”

Volunteers from 17 churches packing meals together.

Not all the meals packed under the leadership of Inasmuch have shipped out of country.  Quite a few have been donated to food banks in local communities.  For example, 20,000 mac & cheese meals were packed at a convention in Atlanta in late June.  All those meals were given to the Atlanta Community Food Bank which serves most of northeast Georgia as well as metropolitan Atlanta.  Food pantries operated by churches and other organizations throughout that region will receive and further distribute these meals feeding hungry families in a wide area.

Crocker says: “We have yet to find anyone who does not have a blast packing these meals.  The event is a fairly easy way for a good number of volunteers to do compassion ministry either as a stand-alone event or in conjunction with a larger, traditional Inasmuch event.”

The Inasmuch ministry has the capacity to conduct these food packing events within a 400 mile radius of Knoxville.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with anyone who might be interested in conducting one of these events.  Just contact us at 865-951-2511.