Inasmuch in the Philippines


Inasmuch United Taken to a New Level


Some of the volunteers serving and those served gather for a group picture.

Many churches are learning that they can impact their community with Inasmuch, but what about the world?!  Congregations in Radford, Virginia, would answer in a resounding Yes!  Four Radford churches (Baptist, Methodist, Christian and Presbyterian) conducted their first Inasmuch United event in September of 2014.

But they didn’t stop there.  They also “collaborated” with two congregations in the Philippines which conducted their first Inasmuch on the same day!  (Actually, since the Philippines is located west of the international date line, their Inasmuch was technically the date before the one in Radford.)  The Filipino congregations videoed their Inasmuch and posted it on YouTube.  When the Radford churches gathered for their Inasmuch, they were able to see what their Filipino brothers and sisters did a few hours before! 

Inasmuch volunteers feeding the seniors who are living near the church.

First Eastside Baptist Church, Valencia City, Bukidnon province, Philippines had about half of their congregation involved in Inasmuch.  They provided a meal to street children and some of the elderly who live nearby the church.  They cleaned the streets in their neighborhood and distributed hygiene packages to some of the poor. To view their video, click on

The pastor’s sister married an American and now lives in Christiansburg, Virginia, very close to Radford, which is how David Smith of Radford became acquainted with them.  Smith was the Coordinator of the Radford Inasmuch in September.


A second Filipino congregation—Christian Family Church in Pasima, Pangasinian province about 1000 miles north of Valencia City—also helped make Radford’s Inasmuch United truly international.  David Smith’s brother-in-law, Larry Ballesteros is the pastor of Christian Family Church.  Their Inasmuch consisted of feeding senior citizens, giving coffee and bread to inmates at the local jail and to workers at a government office as well as to tricycle drivers.  They also cleaned roadways and painted 94 light poles.


Feeding the children during First Eastside Baptist Church’s first ever Operation Inasmuch.

Pastor Khem Ely says the community responded well to the church’s Inasmuch.  Some of the people served are Muslim so the church used Inasmuch as a way of breaking through the well-known barriers to the Christian gospel.  Since the Inasmuch event, the church has grown significantly and Pastor Khem believes some of that growth can be attributed to Inasmuch.

In an email Pastor Khem says:  “On behalf of our church I would like to thank you for the privilege the Operation Inasmuch has given us.  I believe it is very important for all the members of the local church to learn to give and understand the importance of it.  Especially the young ones.”

David Crocker, Executive Director of Operation Inasmuch says:  “This story is the freshest and one of the most exciting illustrations of how God is using Inasmuch to transform His church!  Does your church have a relationship with another church overseas?  Why not follow the example of the Radford group and plan your next Inasmuch as a truly international event?!”