The Samaritan Way Book and Study Guide


A helpful tool for creating a lifestyle of compassion ministry. This is a great study for small groups and missions committees.



The Samaritan Way: Lifestyle Compassion Ministry by David Crocker

This companion book to the Operation Inasmuch book addresses the next step – moving your church towards ongoing mercy ministry. In this book, Dr. Crocker builds a compelling case from Scripture and true stories that Christians should engage in lifestyles of compassion ministry. The book provides practical steps towards moving your church beyond a single day of community service along with examples of churches that have done so.

Chapters include:

  • A Grander Vision
  • It’s Not About Us… It’s About Them
  • We Need the Poor [to Help Us Grow!]
  • Tips for Making Compassion Ministry Part of Your DNA
  • Churches That Make A Difference


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