Strengthened Spiritual Lives

Operation Inasmuch equips churches to help congregants obey Jesus’ mandate to meet the needs of their neighbors in the community. This leads to spiritual growth and renewal of compassion volunteers in church congregations:

  • Many participants in an Inasmuch outreach discover for the first time a passion to serve in compassion ministry, that their gifts, talents, and interests are perfectly suited to such ministry. Their lives are transformed by the joy of service.
  • Lay people lead the planning and project teams for an Inasmuch event. For many, this is the first leadership responsibility they have had in the church.  There’s nothing like on-the-job training to nurture spiritual excitement and growth!
  • Jesus says in effect, “If you love me, obey me. And I will love you and reveal myself to you.” (John 14: 21) As church members obey Jesus through serving the “least of these,” they grow in intimacy with their Lord — who demonstrated the supreme heart of mercy.
  • As congregants find meaningful service outside of the church – and see others’ problems as greater than their own – internal church concerns and conflicts start to fade away.

“We had people involved in [our Inasmuch Day] who are almost never involved in anything. Operation Inasmuch has helped our members look outward instead of inward.”

Dennis Shipp, Missions Committee Chair
Sweetwater First Baptist Church
Longwood, FL