A Healed Community

Compassion ministry leads to healing in the community as well as within and between churches:

  • Communities feel the impact of their churches as more and more congregants serve their needy, hurting, lonely, sick, and oppressed neighbors, echoing God’s love and grace.
  • Inasmuch volunteers often demonstrate God’s love and mercy towards those who feel hopeless, unable to move forward. We have discovered that even the smallest act of compassion can impart just enough hope for the desperate to start moving towards self-sufficiency.
  • People of all ages and skills in a church join with one another to volunteer on an Inasmuch Day, creating new and lasting bonds.
  • Churches work together across denominations, cultures, races, and ages for an Inasmuch United. Such collaboration supports fellowship and sometimes leads to healing between churches.

“One lady said after a crew landscaped her yard, ‘Your pastor much have preached a powerful sermon about missions to get you to come to my house. Tell him it was sure appreciated and an answer to my prayers.'”

Hank Bowers
Harrisonburg Baptist Church
Harrisonburg, VA