Pastor John Daugherty Joins Inasmuch Staff

Pastor John Daugherty celebrating an Inasmuch Day in Fort Myers, Florida.

Pastor John Daugherty celebrating an Inasmuch Day in Fort Myers, Florida.

Years ago, when the Inasmuch ministry was first launched as a full-time, free-standing ministry, David Crocker was asked about the ministry’s fundraising strategy.  He answered:  “We will live by the belief that God provides.”

For eight and a half years now that line has been more than a sound bite; it has been rock solid belief.  God has indeed provided for Inasmuch.   The most recent example is Rev. John Daugherty who accepted the full-time position of Associate Director with Inasmuch and began working July 1.

Daugherty comes from Fort Myers, FL, where he served as Senior Pastor of City Gate Ministries, formerly First Baptist Church.  He led the church to develop a number of ministries to people in need in Fort Myers and, in 2013, led his church and half a dozen others in downtown Fort Myers to conduct an Inasmuch United event.  Their Facebook page tells the exciting story:  Inasmuch United Fort Myers.

Crocker says:  “For a year and a half we searched diligently for just the right person to join our Team, expanding our capacities and eventually stepping up to the role of Executive Director when I retire.  There were times during the search when it looked gloomy—that such a person could not be found or that we would have to settle for something less than we wanted—but God provided as He always has!”

“When I first got the call from John saying he was interested in our position, I immediately called my wife and said: ‘I just got the call I’ve been waiting for a year and a half!’  John is everything I had hoped we could find in an Associate—a pastor with a passion and proven experience with community ministry, experienced at training and giving presentations and fundraising.  In short, John is the complete package!” 

In March, two days after the third Inasmuch United Fort Myers, John was seated alone in the church sanctuary basking in the glow of the weekend.  He thought to himself:  “Wouldn’t it be great if I could go to work for Inasmuch?!”  Three days later he received an email announcing the Associate position at Inasmuch which is what prompted his call to David Crocker.  He said:  “Lord, I’ve never gotten an email from you before!”

Daugherty comes to Inasmuch with extensive experience as a pastor (FL and NC), denominational work in Louisiana, and social services in North Carolina.  His most impressive work was in Fort Myers where he not only led his congregation to merge with another congregation creating one vibrant, fast-growing church in the heart of downtown Fort Myers but he also was instrumental in establishing a ministry to homeless persons, and helped to establish Lee Interfaith for Empowerment, an interfaith biblical justice network in Lee County.

God has proven himself faithful once again.  With the addition of John Daugherty to the Inasmuch team, the future of the ministry is bright.  God’s promise is still firm:  What He begins, He sees through.