Inasmuch Plays in Peoria!

The following article appeared August 12, 2012 on the CINewsNow web site, serving Peoria, Illinois:

Glen Oak Church helps community in Operation Inasmuch

PEORIA, Ill. — Homes on Peoria’s East Bluff have a little more curb-appeal. This after members of one local church is lending a helping hand, or dozens of them to residents in need.

Painting, yard work, and home up-keep. Some of the general things a homeowner is familiar with, but when funds and health aren’t there, Glen Oak Church is happy to help.

“It’s great that we can do that and we have the time, and the privilege, and the resources to get this done. All of the extra help that people put in for this ya know months in advance. It’s amazing, and you go home feeling tired but really good,” said volunteer Jacob Williams.

The 10th annual Operation Inasmuch provided help to 30 less fortunate homes in Peoria. About 120 volunteers put there handiness to good use by building porches and painting houses. For some residents, yard work just isn’t possible.

“I’m not able to get out and do some of the yard work because I have real bad allergies and I break out just by the slightest touch of grass so it’s really wonderful that they’re able to come out and help when i especially need it around this time,” said local resident Bonita Harris.

Others like Rodney Farlow applied for for the work because injuries have disabled them from working.

“With me not working and not being able to work, the funds aren’t there. Ya know and that’s why I said to have a little piece at a time. By the time winter would come around I still wouldn’t have got the work done,” said Farlow.

The church got two grants to help pay for supplies from the East Bluff Neighborhood Housing Association and the Central Illinois Community Foundation. Residents in need can apply for the help each year.