Compassion Revolution Networking Conference

Hope you’re “saving-the-date!”

Operation Inasmuch, Inc. is hosting the first Compassion Revolution Network Conference August 2-4, 2018 in Knoxville TN.  We’ve mailed out nearly 2,000 “Save-the-Date” cards, and posted information on our Facebook page, and a conference website will soon be up linked from

On Friday and Saturday of the conference we will be offering between 30-40 break-out sessions featuring some leading church consultants and coaches sharing thoughts and ideas about mobilizing congregations into the future.  There will also be sessions led by Executive Director John Daugherty and Founder David Crocker.

But we want to hear from you!  We are inviting some folks directly, however we’d like to extend an invitation more broadly for folks to serve on various panel discussion groups.

  • Have you been part of a long-running Inasmuch United effort in your community and would enjoy sharing successes, challenges, celebrations, etc.?
  • Have you found some exciting and innovative projects that really motivate, connect and witness in your community?
  • Have you designed some really creative promotional ideas for growing your church’s participation?
  • How do you “kick off” your day and celebrate after?

If you’d like to participate in one of these panel presentations during the break-out times you can email John Daugherty at john@operationinasmuch.og or call the office at 865.951.2511.  John would enjoy hearing your stories and building good panels to inform and encourage others in our network of churches who use Inasmuch to impact their communities.

In the meantime, we hope you are planning to be part of the first Compassion Revolution Network Conference.  If your church has conducted Inasmuch Days or been part of Inasmuch United Days, well, you are part of the network!  That network is spread among 24 states in the US, plus congregations in the Philippines, Canada, Great Britain, and even Botswana.

We believe there is much we can share and gain among our network churches and organizations.  The conference is intended to be an opportunity to identify as part of the network, enjoy the kinship of serving through compassion ministry serving the unserved, loving the unloved and reaching the unchurched.  And exploring ways to strengthen and expand the network.

We also plan to celebrate and worship together under the leadership of musician and composer, Ken Medema and keynote speaker, author and pastor, Rick Rusaw.

Be watching for registration information to come in an informative brochure to be mailed soon after the New Year.  Also you can keep up with us on Facebook at /OperationInasmuch, Twitter at @OpInasmuch and on the website,

Hope to see you in Knoxville, August 2018!  And hope to learn from your experiences with Operation Inasmuch!

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