Campbell U Students Inspired on Inasmuch Day

Campbell University (Buies Creek, NC) conducted its FIFTH Inasmuch Day on April 14, 2012! Over 450 volunteers from five schools within the University participated. Students donned Inasmuch T-shirts with our Compassion Revolution graphic on the back! 

These students are surely moving the Compassion Revolution forward by their service. When we serve, of course, we are blessed, as the following inspiring stories illustrate (thanks to Campbell’s Office of Campus Minister for providing these):

We grabbed lunch at a restaurant in Dunn after we were finished. As we went to pay, our waitress came up and told us that “Good deeds do not go unnoticed”, a couple had seen our shirt and paid for our lunch (all 5 of us) and left before we could thank them or see who they were.

Jessica Robbins, Inasmuch Day Project Leader
PA Student with the College of Pharmacy and Health Services

We were provided with a list of things that needed to be done when we arrived on site [S.A.F.E of Harnett County, a battered women’s shelter] that was very different from what we had discussed prior to our arrival and the staff that was onsite on the weekend were not able to clarify the needs of the projects.

One of the projects that we were asked to do was to spread mulch, but there was no mulch provided.  We went to the hardware store to buy some and the women at the cash register had utilized SAFE’s services in the past and ended up paying for most of the mulch as a way to give back to SAFE, which was very cool.

 Sarah Brainerd, Inasmuch Day Project Leader

 See statistics and links to more photos from this event here.



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