An Energized Church

An Inasmuch Day or an Inasmuch United event leaves congregants enthused, encouraged, and unified as they move out of the church to serve. How?

  • Volunteers feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves, something important enough that everyone gets involved. Participation in an Inasmuch event averages 65% of typical Sunday attendance. Some churches report up to 125% of their regular attendees volunteer on an Inasmuch Day! That’s a movement: a Compassion Revolution. Request a copy of our White Paper “Get the 80 Percenters Going” that explains how an Inasmuch event can move a majority of your congregation out to serve those in need.
  • Inasmuch events can include projects for every age and skill in the congregation, from children to seniors – leading to an enhanced sense of inclusion and unity. There’s a job for everyone on an Inasmuch event!
  • An Inasmuch event draws the occasional church participant into more regular church attendance.

People are still talking about [our Inasmuch Day]. New friendships were made among members; new ministries have been started. Our church attendance has increased.
The members feel excited again!

Bryan Carter, Pastor
Concord Church
Dallas, Texas

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