Food Packing

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“I love the fact that the food we packed went to local food pantries so it will help the food insecure in our community.”

Did you know there are neighbors in your community going hungry? More people than ever are experiencing hunger, many for the first time. We can help you with a practical and compassionate way to be the hands and feet of Jesus as commanded in Matthew 25.

So, you want to have a food packing event?

Brilliant!! And here is why:

  • It’s a fun, easy way to provide nutritious food for truly hungry people.
  • It’s a great inter-generational experience (5 years old and up).
  • Someone else sets it up and runs it.

How does a food packing event work?
An organization – church, non-profit, business – agrees to sponsor an event and use Operation Inasmuch to stage it.

The Sponsor is responsible for…

  • Adequate facility in which to hold an event.
  • Recruitment of volunteers for the event.
  • Payment for the ingredients and supplies.

Operation Inasmuch is responsible for…

  • Ensuring that the proposed facility is adequate for the event.
  • Ordering all ingredients and supplies.
  • Setting up and tearing down.
  • Training and supervising volunteers.
  • Ensuring that the finished products get to the agreed upon destination.

What kinds of food are packed?
Foods packed are non-perishable and have a shelf life of 2 years. Each type of meal has been developed to provide good nutrition and taste for consumers. There are 4 choices of meals available: fortified beans and rice, mac & cheese, pasta & tomato sauce, and oatmeal/cinnamon/dried apples.

Where does the food go?
Inasmuch offers several options for distribution of the food packed in an event. Occasionally, we partner with other organizations to ship the fortified beans and rice meal to third world countries. The other meals are usually kept for local distribution. There are several ways to accomplish this – local food banks, local food pantries, and others.

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