Compassion Revolution is Springing Up All Over

Do you keep up with Operation Inasmuch on Facebook and other social media sites? If not, you’re missing out on the amazing Compassion Revolution that is taking place in so many towns, states, and countries.

You can see pictures and read about Inasmuch Days from Moon’s Chapel Baptist of Siler City, NC; St. Andrew’s Lutheran of Columbia, SC; Immanuel Baptist of Nashville, TN; Campbell University of Buies Creek, NC; and Ferry Farm Baptist of Fredericksburg, VA just to name a few. You’ll also see pictures of Inasmuch United events from Fort Myers, FL; Sweetwater, TN; Hope Hull, AL; and Weaverville, NC. There is even a report and pictures from First Eastside Baptist in Valencia City, Philippines!

Volunteers from Moon’s Chapel Baptist.

In addition to Inasmuch Days, there are also reports from various meal packing events. These events prepare the ready-to-heat meals for Guatemalan orphanages and for local distribution. Just this spring, Inasmuch has helped conduct meal packing events at Vestavia Hills Baptist of Birmingham, AL; Heritage Baptist of Cartersville, GA; First Baptist of Sweetwater, TN; and the Ball Camp Baptist and Inasmuch United Knoxville meal packing events in Knoxville, TN.

We are honored to share the stories of the wonderful events where the church leaves the building and connects with their communities in redemptive and hopeful ways. There are hundreds of churches providing thousands of volunteers who put in tens of thousands of hours and touch hundreds of thousands of their neighbors’ lives by being Christ in practical ways. These events give hope, introduce eternal life in Christ, and make powerful impacts on their communities worth literally millions of dollars every year.

Just this week we received this wonderful testimony from Karen at Moon’s Chapel Baptist Church in Siler City, NC:

“I first want to tell you how much we enjoyed our Inasmuch Day, everything went wonderfully and our volunteers have raved about how they loved it! Secondly, I would like to share with you how God has amazed me with how He worked from the very beginning by breathing this event into my heart and then bringing it to fruition. I felt a longing to do something like random acts of kindness day in our community but didn’t really know how to go about coordinating such an event. Our church secretary forwarded an email to me about Inasmuch. I quickly learned that Inasmuch was what I was wanting! After attending a training session, I felt overwhelmed with the massive amount of information and the enormity of such an event. However, when the devil crept in with fear and doubt, God continually showed me He was in this endeavor! We had many God moments, but one that stands out in my mind was a project that we were given by our local DSS adult services division. A local lady was in desperate need of porch repairs to allow her safe entry into her home after a car wreck that left her an amputee. I was originally told just “a few boards” were needed to do the repairs but upon inspection it was determined due to wood rot in the foundation and porch that the porch needed to be completely replaced. Since God gave me this task after our church financial year had started, I didn’t have any allocated funds to draw from for this project. I began to worry how we were going to be able to do this project financially, but God showed up! Thanks to 2 local lumber companies and our local Lowe’s store, her project was fully funded through donations! Go God!! This lady even came to our celebration service and personally thanked us for her new porch. It was such a wonderful experience! We were all touched by many experiences and we can’t wait to do this again. I pray we can continue to do events like this to show others how much they are loved by us and by Jesus! Inasmuch definitely made us all more aware of opportunities that are all around us to share Jesus.”

We hear these stories on a regular basis as God reminds us of those around us who continually need our help. So, if your church has conducted or will be conducting an Inasmuch Day or Inasmuch United, please be sure to share your stories and pictures with us at Or go to the website, and click “Report Your Event.” We want to share your good news with our Facebook followers!

Our world can use good news, words of hope, pictures of kindness and compassion, and encouragement to make our communities stronger through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us share yours!

And don’t forget to register for the Compassion Revolution Network Conference in Knoxville, TN on August 2-4 at

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